Ampli5 - Handelsvertretung Anton Weigand

Ampli5 - Handelsvertretung Anton Weigand


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Heim+Handwerk 2019


Sankt Georgenstraße 23
86911 Dießen
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Bio cell information is the language of our cells!

Findings in the field of biophysics (Professor Fritz Albert Popp and Professor Alexander Gurwitsch) have made it clear that exactly this process happens through light (biophotons). Biophotons enable the biocell mass to exchange vital information throughout the entire organism.

Thanks to photons, information can be transmitted at almost the speed of light without interference. Modern light guides, such as fiber optic cables, also make use of this type of information transmission. Biophotons can lose their radiance due to various negative influencing factors such as unhealthy nutrition, electrosmog or genetically modified foods. Vital information can no longer be exchanged optimally, which can then lead to incorrect control of body processes.

The different external influences

The human and also the animal organism is naturally anxious to reach an ideal physical state. Due to external influences that we cannot control, our cells can be supplied with incorrect information.

electrical smog
(e.g. mobile phone radiation, Wlan, Internet, Microwave and much more...)

(Industrial animal breeding with factory farming, growth accelerators and much more...)

Changed Food
(through artificial flavours and additives, genetically modified food and much more...)

Increasing workload
(several jobs simultaneously, higher requirements, competitive pressure and much more...)

At this point we would like to inform you about the mode of action of the Ampli5 products, which was forbidden to us by authorities, competition associations and the most different institutions, because the possible mode of action is not scientifically recognized!

Doubt is the beginning of science. If you don't doubt anything, you don't test anything.
He who does not test, discovers nothing. He who discovers nothing is blind and remains blind.