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Schäferstraße 20
14109 Berlin
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The Bügel-Clou for perfect Sleeves – Wrinkle free sleeves in a flash with a stylish product aesthetic.
The Bügel-Clou is a sleeve ironing aid for classic shirt-, blouse sleeves and even pants legs. It is a custom designed, spring loaded wire supplied with a magnetic holder for easy attachment to the ironing board. Of stainless steel construction, both are based on the „form follows function“ principle and are minimalistic in design.
The fork is inserted into the sleeves. It stretches the sleeves perfectly for ironing. All creases are gone. The iron now moves easily over the tight fabric and you have perfect, wrinkle free sleeves in one go. When you are not using the Bügel-Clou, it can be attached to the board for easy access with the magnetic holder. It is so simple to use.
The Bügel-Clou was developed by Clou-Innovations GmbH, Berlin. We are a young company who design innovative products with that special something. All our products will surprise you with their quality, functionality, aesthetic and design.
The Bügel-Clou’s advantages over existing products on the market:
  • - wrinkle free ironing in one go without needing to turn the sleeves, saving both time and
    wearing of the fabric,
  • - the flexible fork is suitable for all shirts and blouses in sizes S – XXL,
  • - it also fits sleeves of all lengths and widths, accommodating a variety of sleeve tensions,
  • - no additional space is required when putting away the ironing board, thanks to the
    conveniently attached magnetic holder,
  • - sustainable, long lasting product of stainless steel construction,

Clou Innovations: Helping ideas come true!

Clou Innovations offers you and your company a new way to come up with original, unique and excellent products and services. It is our strength and advantage that we do not come from within your organisation, allowing us to open horizons and think fresh about your future business. You are the business expert, Clou Innovations and our network are your creative generalists. Please visit our booth!


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